Concert Limo

Consider this, a stretched concert limousine picks you and your friends up and takes you to the concert. The party begins once the limo pulls away. Arrive in style and luxury, tailgate before the show begins. Once the concert is over you don’t have to worry about getting out of the crowded parking lot, your driver does. If you’re an avid music fan, being at the concert at the best possible time is one of the most important things for you. Our limousines are equipped for Rock Concerts, Hip Hop Concerts, R&B Concerts, night at the symphony, the opera, or the ballet and many other Showcase shows. You don’t want to show up too early, or too late, and Concert Limousine has a lot of experience about all venues and knows when to get you to the concert, and when to pick you up. Hire a Concert limousine so you can enjoy your favorite artist and just in case you and your friends have a couple of drinks you won’t have to worry about becoming the designated driver for the night.

We can easily accommodate up to 34 passengers on our fully equipped party bus, giving you a chance to start your party early and continue your exciting night at the main event. Concert limousine service, like any limo service, could include pick up and drop off, and maybe include some stops along the way. Drinks can be included upon request. For larger groups, Hummer limousines would be even better because they are more spacious. Limo Rentals has been providing concert limousine service in for many years, so if you have no idea what to expect on the concert, our friendly and experienced chauffeurs will guide you through the details of the event. People can sit comfortably or move around with ease. If there are not too many people coming, a Lincoln Town car is suitable also for a concert. Let My Limousine Service make your Limousine concert experience an unforgettable one as we transport you and your party to and from the concert venue in one of our luxurious stretch limousines, SUVs or party buses.

Once you climb inside the beautiful vehicle, you will instantly know you are being pampered in the same way rock stars are. Whether the party is wild or classy, you will find that we have the perfect transportation for you. Our rides are customized to impress and turn heads, so don’t miss this opportunity to impress all your friends. If you are ready to have the time of your life, Concert Limousine Service will make it happen.

Here are some of the services we provide:

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